Hong Kong Professional Mediation Association (HKPMA) is a Hong Kong-based mediation body. With the support of a number of Hong Kong businesses, law firms and CPA firms to encourage the development and use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and mediation in commercial disputes. Members of HKPMA come from all walks of lives, including, investment bankers, trading & commercial experts, engineers, legal professionals, accountants, middle management classes, insurance practitioners, education experts, etc…

To promote mediation and ADR is one of the most important objectives of HKPMA. To achieve this, we offer offers training services to the organization and corporate sector. The trainings shall include Conflict Resolution in the Corporate Structure and Diversity and the focus is on team building and collaborative negotiation. For details, please refer to the topic “Corporate Mediation Training”.

HKPMA and her trainers, most of them with professional qualifications, for instance, solicitor, counsel, LLM, accountant, etc… have sound records of training to and is/are permitted contractors/program operators/trainers/coach/speakers on mediation and conflict resolutions of:

  • Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited
  • Hospital Authority
  • Macau University of Science and Technology
  • Police of Macau Special Administrative Region
  • The Small & Medium Law Firms Association of Hong Kong
  • The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong
  • Hong Chi Association
  • Institute of Securities Dealers Limited
  • School of Law of City University of Hong Kong 
  • Baptist University, etc… (for further references, feel free to call our secretary general at 8206 6616)

Mediation is a process by which opposing parties come to a resolution of their differences with the help of an impartial third party, the mediator. HKPMA provides Professional Mediators to facilitate communication between parties, to empower individuals to reach mutually acceptable agreements and increase individual’s self-capacity to manage conflict constructively. More importantly, HKPMA’s mediators assist respective parties to control the outcome of the process.

The aims and objectives of HKPMA are to:

  • Accept requests on mediation of, includes but not limited to, contract, shareholders, investment, trading, banking, securities, insurance, shipping & logistics, properties, construction, intellectual properties, education, personal injuries and probate disputes, etc…;
  • Accept requests on mediation appointed by the Government, the Mainland & overseas organizations on commercial disputes;
  • Assist and support mediators in the process of mediation and to promote intellectual exchange among mediators;
  • Promote mediation and ADR to resolve disputes in the community;
  • Train and assist individual to become accredited and professional mediator.

     调解纠纷有多种方式, 其中也牵涉不同技巧和方法。本课程让学员认识国际认可不同调解方式,通过课堂实习,运用调解技巧来解决各类民事争议。学员也学到如何控制冲突局面、突破僵局、解决人际交往造成的困境及沟通相处的科学,有步骤地与纷争各方建立共识、相互的信任。课程也预备学员成为「调解员」,了解「调解员」的责任、守则及相关的法律。

      香港调解专业协会提供团体 (机构/公司)调解训练课程给香港以及内地各机构、公司。团体调解训练近年来越来越普及,原因是机构或公司的管理者碰到最难处理的问题往往是员工与员工之间的、部门与部门之间的、劳资双方的争议,这些争议,处理不好,就会造成纠纷,影响业务与发展、浪费资源、金钱。

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