CPD Program

CPD Program For Members of HKPMA

CPD Criteria
1. It is desirable that all Grades of members of HKPMA be upheld of the high quality of mediation skills.  A CPD Program for HKPMA members is considered to be an important element.  The CPD requirement of different Grades of Membership is recorded below in Annex I.
2. The requirements of the membership CPD Program are intended to be the minimum requirements which HKPMA members are expected to meet. Members are encouraged to exceed the minimum requirements whenever possible.
3. It is noted that membership is for a One year period and renewal of membership is subject to, among other things, that the members seeking renewal of his/her membership has undertaken the required CPD hours in each grade.
4. The Membership Council (a division of the HKPMA) and its interest groups will organize or inform members as many activities as possible in order to assist members to meet the requirements of the CPD Program.  Moreover, compliance with the CPD Program may be achieved through a variety of approved activities, and not exclusively through activities sponsored by the Membership Council or its interest groups. 
It is also expected that some HKPMA CPD Program activities will also contribute to the CPD requirements of other professional bodies (e.g. The Law Society of Hong Kong, Certified Public Accountants, etc…). 
5. Records of participation of any CPD Program or courses shall be kept in the form of a Log Book.  The Log Books are for the following purposes:
i) to provide a detailed record of compliance with the CPD Program requirements;
ii) to provide each member with a personal development record;
iii) to be submitted to the Membership Council for review for purposes of the renewal of membership.
6. Each member shall be responsible for the accurate maintenance of his/her Log Book and will be required to submit his/her Log Book at the time he/she seeks renewal of his/her membership. 

7. Each member must include the dates, hours, topics, trainer/presenter/speaker, and other relevant details of all events and activities which will count toward compliance with the CPD Program requirements.
8. Log Books will be reviewed or checked at random. When the Log Books are properly due for submission and review, such review will be carried out by the HKPMA Secretariat.  
9. The purpose of the CPD Program is to enhance the skills and knowledge of HKPMA members.
Suggested areas for further study and/or training, include but not limited to the following:
Communication skills; Negotiation; Problem-solving; Other mediation training (Family, Community, Environment, Cross-culture); Legal awareness; Partnering or alliance-building; Advanced mediation skills; Other dispute resolution processes; Conflict management oravoidance
Suggested areas for further study specifically for HKIAC Accredited Family Mediators include but not limited to the following:
Domestic violence; Child Abuse; Child-care & child development; Psychological process of separation and divorce; Appropriate arrangements for custody, care, control and access; Step-parenting or families; Co-parenting; Local policy in practices e.g. Housing, Insurance, Taxation & C.S.S.A.; Family law; Special knowledge in solving financial disputes.
Activities which will qualify as meeting the CPD Program requirements also, include:
participation in working or development groups on ADR; writing and publishing relevant articles for newsletters or other publications; developing and/or delivering ADR training; attendance at HKIAC, Hong Kong Mediation Council forums, workshops, talks and conferences; arranging/leading/participating in training and similar events, including coaching, supervision and simulation exercises.
10. This HKPMA CPD Program Policy Document may be revised from time to time to reflect developments in the field of ADR, changes in HKPMA membership requirements and refocusing on what constitutes good practice, amongst other reasons.
Annex I CPD Requirements of Different Grades of Membership
Affiliate (HKPMA Aff): 6 hours of CPD each year
Associate (AHKPMA): 6 hours of CPD each year
Member (MHKPMA): 6 hours of CPD each year 

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