Advantages of Mediation

Advantages of Mediation

    Mediation is a flexible and voluntary process of dispute resolution other than going to courts and arbitration.  The parties in dispute may not be able to resolve on their own, or through the efforts of their lawyers.  A neutral third party is a mediator who receives professional training to facilitate communication between the disputing parties. Mediator shall use his/her skills to assist the parties to break the deadlocks and to reach an amicable settlement of their disputes. 

The advantages of mediation are:

  3. TIME: Bringing a case to litigation can take years to get in front of a judge or jury.  Mediation can and is scheduled quickly and conveniently;
  4. LOW RISK: Mediation is low risk. If the case settles, it’s over.  If it doesn’t, all your rights to go to court are intact;
  5. COSTS EFFECTIVE. The Saving of time and costs compared to litigation. Bringing a case to trial in court is expensive;
  6. CONTROL: Perhaps the greatest factor is control. Under the professional guidance of mediators, the parties control the outcome.  However, in a jury trial, assembled strangers decide the outcome, and the parties have little control, if any, over how things turn out. It is the scope for parties to reach a ‘amicable’ settlement on their dispute does matter;
  7. Even if mediation has failed, it is still possible to do it again after a further round of litigation;
  8. RE-BUILD or RE-ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIP: Parties in disputes usually knows each other before they have disputes.  Some of them might be good partners of business, good customers and business operators, good buyers and sellers, good agent and principal, good friends or good couples before.  It is the dispute that tends to break their relationship.  Going to court will usually further break down the relationship.  One of the basic training of a professional mediator is to repair and rebuild relationship of parties; and,
  9. MORE: If you have utilized mediation to resolve your disputes before, you are always welcome to let us know the advantages that you have found out during and after mediation.

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